The Moodle app

The official app for Moodle, "Moodle Mobile", will allow you to do some things in Moodle. Essentially, anything 'core' to Moodle, such as downloading a file or using a forum should work, while anything plugged in, such as Turnitin, will not. Do not use any other apps, as using them may send your login details to third party companies (the Moodle Mobile app authenticates safely, using HUM sytems).

If you find you are unable to access particular resources using the app, use your device's web browser to go to

App download links

Using the app

Once the app is installed, you will be asked for the site address - . With that entered you will see the message "You need to log in to the site in a browser window" - this is for security. Once you do that, you may see the link 'Open in Moodle Mobile?' as the browser attempts to pass you back to the app. Click Open.

The app will show your modules on the front page. It does not show module codes, but you can use the search icon and search by module code or title there.

Below the module title you should use the contents link to see inside. It will take a while to load the interface, particularly if you have not used the app for a few days. You will need to use thedownload all icon to download all content, then all sections to browse.

Use the contents icon to see inside the module

Use the top left, three-line icon Three line icon, top left for more options, allowing you to jump to a list of your courses, notifications, messages and events.

Unsupported activities

Only 'core' Moodle activities are supported by the app, but it is not always obvious which activities are core and which use an extra plugin (these are installed to provide extra features). For instance, Turnitin inboxes cannot be used from the app. For any unsupported activities, you will see a link to the website to allow you to continue, as shown below.

Unsupported activities will appear with a link to the web site

Release information has the latest release and compatibility information.