Private Course
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Responsible - Faisal Bahadur Bahadur
Last Update 03/21/2022
Completion Time 8 hours 15 minutes
Members 45
    • What is Android? SDK Version History Android Terminilogies: IDE, JDK, JVM, JRE, DVM, AVD, LIBRARY, API
    • Platform Architecture Installation of Android Studio Overview of Studio Interface
    • Build Your First Application,Explore the UI Components,Views and View Groups Activity LifeCycle
    • Getting Views in JAVA,Working with TextView, EditText, Button ImageView, ImageButton, ToggleButton CheckBox, RadioButtons
    • SplashScreen ,Working with Intent Object, Explicit Intent, Implicit Intent Transfer Data Between Activities,Event Handling
    • Firebase Realtime Database, Login, Registration, Session Working with Menus Dialoges ProgressBar
    • Firebase Realtime Database Data Fetching Data Updation Adapters
    • Shared Preferences Custom Navigation Drawer Spinners Image Handling